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The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) is an initiative of the Government of Canada.  The official Government website is

CEBA Loan in Terrebonne

CEBA Loan in Terrebonne

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) is a lifeline for small businesses grappling with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you live in Terrebonne or any other city in Canada, this program aims to provide financial support to small businesses and not-for-profits that have been affected by the pandemic.

This blog is about the CEBA loan in Terrebonne. Also, you will understand that as a citizen of Terrebonne, you are not alone in this situation.


In Terrebonne, the CEBA loan is a sign of hope for many local businesses. This program significantly alleviates the financial strain caused by the pandemic. Businesses in Terrebonne can utilize the CEBA loan to navigate the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. It’s comforting for the entrepreneurs of Terrebonne to know that they have the backing of the CEBA loan during these challenging times.

When CEBA Loan Launched in Terrebonne

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) was inaugurated on April 9, 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative was a beacon of hope for businesses in Terrebonne, and across the country, which were facing significant financial hardships. The program injected around $49 billion into the economy, offering a lifeline to nearly 900,000 businesses. These businesses mainly included small to medium-sized establishments struggling due to the pandemic.

The CEBA loan, with its zero-interest feature, was a relief to numerous Terrebonne businesses. Initially offering up to $40,000, the scheme was later expanded to provide as much as $60,000. This generosity came with a unique advantage – a portion of the loan was forgivable for the businesses of Terrebonne if certain conditions were met.

In Terrebonne, this financial aid helped businesses cope with non-deferrable costs that continued to accrue despite the pandemic-induced slowdown. These costs included rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, and employment expenses.

CEBA Loan in Terrebonne: Updated Terms

On September 14, 2023, the Prime Minister unveiled revised deadlines for the repayment of CEBA loans for businesses in Terrebonne. This new policy grants an additional year for the loan repayment, extending the deadline till January 18, 2024, from the earlier stipulated date of December 31, 2023. It has also expanded flexibilities for CEBA loan holders in Terrebonne, who are interested in qualifying for partial loan forgiveness, which can be as much as 33 percent.

For businesses in Terrebonne seeking to refinance, an application to the financial institution is a required step. The last date for CEBA holders in Terrebonne to apply for partial loan forgiveness has also been extended to January 18, 2024. This extension provides a pathway for Terrebonne businesses to secure a refinancing extension until March 28, 2024.

In a move to encourage timely repayment, the government has attached benefits to this deadline for the CEBA loan holders in Terrebonne. If the loan is repaid on or before the revised deadline, or before the refinancing extension deadline (provided that a refinancing application has been submitted prior to January 18, 2024), businesses in Terrebonne will qualify for partial loan forgiveness. They can expect to have $10,000 forgiven for a $40,000 loan and $20,000 for a $60,000 loan. This gesture significantly reduces the financial burden on these businesses.

However, for businesses in Terrebonne that do not meet the loan forgiveness repayment deadline, from January 19, 2024, any remaining balance on the CEBA loan will convert into a term loan with a three-year duration. This conversion signifies the end of the zero-interest benefit. Instead, a 5% annual interest rate will be charged on the outstanding balance.

The full repayment deadline for businesses in Terrebonne has also been pushed back an entire year to December 31, 2026, compared to the original date of December 31, 2025. Despite the added cost of the 5% annual interest, this change signifies the Canadian government’s continued commitment to flexibility and support for businesses in Terrebonne during these economically challenging times.

CEBA Repayment Options for Terrebonne Businesses

In the city of Terrebonne, understanding the available CEBA loan repayment options is crucial. Different financial institutions in Terrebonne may offer various paths to repayment, including automated monthly payments or online and mobile app payment methods. It’s advisable to reach out to your bank or financial institution to identify the repayment option that best suits your circumstances.

Online Banking and Mobile App Repayments

Terrebonne businesses can efficiently handle their CEBA loan repayment process through online banking and mobile app repayments. Many banks and financial establishments in Terrebonne offer these services, enabling borrowers to complete transactions at their convenience, instead of visiting the bank in person or making a call to the CEBA call centre. The loan account details can be added to your online banking or mobile app, facilitating the transfer of funds for timely repayments.

Automatic Monthly Payments

Automatic monthly payments represent another option for Terrebonne business owners seeking a streamlined approach to their CEBA loan repayment. This method involves setting up a regular transfer with your financial institution in Terrebonne. Every month, the agreed sum is automatically deducted from your account, ensuring consistent and timely repayments. To activate this service in Terrebonne, you will need to supply the necessary loan details to your bank.


In conclusion, the CEBA loan has offered a vital lifeline to businesses in Terrebonne during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent amendments have introduced a more flexible repayment timeframe and opportunities for partial loan forgiveness, showing the Canadian government’s ongoing support. It’s crucial for businesses in Terrebonne to understand their repayment options, including online repayments and automatic monthly payments. Overall, the impact of the CEBA loan will continue to shape the business landscape in Terrebonne.

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