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The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) is an initiative of the Government of Canada.  The official Government website is

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a robust Canadian economy where small and medium-sized businesses have seamless access to the financial resources they need, fostering an environment of innovation and prosperity for all.

Our Goal

Fueling the growth of Canadian SMBs by providing accessible and tailored financial support, nurturing their journey towards sustainable success.

Our Mission

Providing quality information and resources to assist Canadian companies to repay their CEBA loans.  For companies that do not have the resources to repay their loan in time for the government forgiveness, we provide the best tool for finding and comparing alternative financing.  Our mission is to facilitate as many companies as possible taking advantage of the government loan forgiveness.

Our Story

CEBA Launched
Dec 2020
Repayment Extension to Dec 31, 2023
Feb 2023
Apr 2020
Loan Increase from $40k to $60k
Jan 2021 Launched


Garron Helman

Garron is a trailblazing entrepreneur, seasoned financier, and a dedicated advocate for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses. As the founder of Venbridge, the nation’s leading tech financing lender for SMBs, he has demonstrated a profound commitment to nurturing the growth of Canadian enterprises, providing strategic non-dilutive financing solutions that help founders retain control of their businesses.

Following his successes overseas with Creo, Garron returned to Canada, eager to invest his knowledge and experience into supporting Canadian businesses. He joined Espresso Capital as a Partner and rapidly transformed the Central and Eastern Canada business portfolio into one of the top SR&ED financial services firms in the country. A recognized authority in government tax credits and startup funding, Garron has played a vital role in bolstering Canada’s economic landscape.

Today, Garron continues to apply his wealth of knowledge and practical experience to help Canadian businesses achieve their full potential, reinforcing his commitment to fostering a thriving and innovative Canadian SMB ecosystem. His influential work has left an indelible mark on the Canadian business landscape, driving growth, innovation, and success for countless companies.


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